About me

My name is Turista Jackson, your Surgical Care Consultant. At 20 years old, I had my first surgery and It took me a year to find the surgeon that could bring my dream body to life. I have had a total of 5 cosmetic surgeries and experienced both successful and failed outcomes. Trust me when I tell you, being botched will get you down! Just because a surgeon is great at reconstruction one body part (or parts) doesn’t mean he or she is great at ALL the parts.

After going through my trials and troubles; traveling in, out and around the country, I now have my DREAM BODY! It only makes sense to help other women avoid the pitfalls I experienced and have a smooth surgical process. I want to offer my support outside of the body contouring that my Medspa provides, so I’ve put together what I call a straightforward list of things to do before and after surgery, complete with tips that the every woman should know when going for cosmetic surgery.

I’m confident that this list and my one on one consultations will help put your nerves on calm mode, put you in the know about what to expect and help you focus on that bomb body waiting for you!!! So go ahead and sign up and I’ll be chatting with you soon